• Les Frigos

    Last week I took some pictures for Mélanie to help her with a project she did for her class. We went to Les Frigos, an early 20th century refrigeration building occupied by the studios of professional artists. Located in 13th arrondissement and in the center of a neighborhood in renew, Les Frigos stands out from the sleek modern facades of glass and steal surrounding its industrial brick design. Since the 1980s the building has been a work space for professional artists, creatives and musicians, however the revival of the neighborhood has jeopardized the place. The city of Paris, Les Frigos' landlord, would like greater control; the ability to decide who can work there, an increase of the rental rates on the artists who have been there for decades and to convert at least part of it to office space. Those fighting to protect the building want to save the history they helped create while the city wants to renovate and modernize, conforming Les Frigos to the surrounding contemporary landscape. Mélanie and I spent the afternoon exploring the halls and rooms of Les Frigos.