Domestic Life

  • My family

    Way back in 2013 I returned to the US for a week and a half to see my family. While there I took the time to make portraits of a few of my family members and I thought it might be time to share some. Sorry to those I didn't photograph, it was a crazy trip and I didn't have time to do all that I wanted.

    Dennis "Denny" Bowman (my uncle), Champaign, Illinois.

    Norman Bowman (my grandfather), Carlinville, Illinois.

    Richard Lounsbury (my grandfather), Carlinville, Illinois.

                                                               John Lounsbury (my father) in his volunteer fire fighter uniform.

    Dawn Lounsbury (my mother) Cape San Blas, Florida.

  • Arcachon

    Mélanie and I had a proper vacation a couple weeks back...where it rained most of the time. In the end that was perfect, we just stayed in, made dinner, drank wine and relaxed. Even then, depsite the rain (and it didn't rain everyday), we went out exploring the beautiful town of Arcachon.

  • Spring has Arrived

    Spring has finally arrived here in Paris and it feels like summer is following closely. In celebration of the beautiful weather, muguet (or Lilies of the Valley). The traditional flower to celebrate the first of May in France, I have saved posting this picture until the weather reflected the spirit of spring.