• Shoefiti

    Way back in May, 2014 I took some pictures of the band Shoefiti when they played a small concert in l'Eglise Saint-Merri. It was cool to see a band perform in a church, the acoustics and the atmosphere were different than most other concerts I've seen. The pictures languished on a hard drive for a long time before I gave them another look and I think I found some nice ones.

  • We Love Green

    Last weekend Mélanie and I scored press passes to cover We Love Green, a eco-focused music festival in Paris. The first day of the festival was a bit of a fiasco, with long lines everywhere and a general lack of confidence on the part of organizers. Day two went better, organizers fixed some of the errors of the previous day, but the improvements seemed more to do with lower attendance and a more energetic line-up. Musically the two biggest surprises came on the second day; the first being the UK group Jungle whose heavily funk-influenced sound put everyone in a dancing mood, the second was Lorde who won over even the most ardent hipster skeptic with a great performance (and a cover of The Replacements). In the end We Love Green left me conflicted. Although there were great shows in the festival, the organizational issues of the first day largely distracted me from everything else.

    To read Mélanie's article and see the original, check out Beware.

    London Grammar.

    London Grammar.




  • Beware Magazine - Kishi Bashi

    Back on April 17th I had the wonderful good luck to make a video of Kishi Bashi while he was in Paris doing press for his new album Lighght. I had never made a video like this before so the week leading up to it was a whirlwind of finding a location, finding gear and making sure I knew what the hell it was I was doing. 

    We shot the video along the Petite Ceinture, an abandon train line which circles the city. I chose the location thanks to a suggestion from Mélanie and a picture made by my friend Alexander. With everything prepared we shot the video in less than 20 minutes where Kishi Bashi performed 3 songs; Bittersweet Genesis for Him and Her, Antichrist and Q&A.

    Post production was a whirlwind of frantic meetings with friends and endless tutorial videos on youtube (Warp Stabilization is both my hero and enemy), but in the end, I think it all turned out pretty good.

    Many thanks to the many people who helped make this happen! Antoine Schutz and Erwan Manchec of Beware Magazine, Julia Dousse of Stage of the Art, Karl Hofstetter of Joyful Noise and my sound team, Alexander J.E. Bradley and Mélanie Relaut.

    Also check out the actual article on Beware's page, here. Not only is the video there, but some wonderful text written by Mélanie! (sorry, but it's just in French).


  • Festival Mo'Fo

    Last weekend I photographed 2 days of the Mo'Fo music festival hosted by Mains d'Oeuvres. The Festival took place over 3 days and 2 intimate stages offering festival goers a chance to discover new bands or jump to the front row of favorites. Small festivals like this always create a more intimate relationship between fan and performer and it was great fun to attend this one.

    Son Of.

    The Burning Hell.

    Lucky Dragons.

    Son Lux.

    Son Of.

    The Burning Hell.

    Happy Jawbone Family Band.

    Son Lux.

    Son Lux.

  • Damien Jurado

    A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend the day with musician Damien Jurado making pictures for his european booking agency Belmont Bookings. Jurado was in Paris as part of a press tour to promote his new album Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, to be released January 21. He spent the day doing several interviews, including a video shoot for La Blogotheque, followed by an intimate concert at La Loge. It was a great treat to spend the day with such a warm and welcoming person.

  • Rock-en-Seine, via iPhone

    Last weekend was the 3 day music festival Rock-en-Seine located just on the edge of Paris-proper in Saint-Cloud. Friday, Saturday and Sunday featured a large variety of performers across 4 stages bringing together fans of hard rock, indie, rap and even a little American folk. I tried to shoot the festival as a proper photographer (with a big camera and big lenses and such), however I couldn't make that happen. I arrived with nothing on me but my iPhone and proceeded to keep shooting the weekend.

    Everyone of these photos was shot and edited on my iPhone 4s. I thought about keeping some vertical or horizontal, but in the end embraced the medium I was shooting for and square cropped the lot of them. If you want to see the entire group, check out the facebook page of Le Noeud Pap', a cool French culture magazine a friend of mine edits.