• Paris Courts Devant

    Way back in November of last year I made photos again for the short film festival, Paris Courts Devant. I didn't have as much time to give them as I had the previous year but it was fun to again run around making images for this great group of people. I was doing some organization on my computer when I realized these images had never seen the light of day.

  • Pro-Palestine Manifestation

    A pro-Palestinian march took place in Paris a couple days ago. Marches or demonstrations are occurring every few days right now and I wanted to go photograph one of these manifestations. They are protesting the Israeli government's current strikes in Gaza. The atmosphere is a strange mixture of anger at the conflict and joy of the community. This manifestation was peaceful and friendly, however in the past there have been aggression between police and a handful of protesters.

    The other side of a manifestation. During demonstrations like this it is pretty common to see a large police presence on the edges. Although the riot gear they sport looks incredibly intimidating (and shocked me the first time I saw it), usually they are just there to make sure the protest doesn't leave its route and prevent anything from happening. However the previous (unapproved) demonstration led to conflicts with the police, rocks being thrown and tear gas fired in return. This time was very peaceful. There was one near-incident where a small group of about 20 young men were yelling at the police, however organizers and other attendants maintained the peace and stopped the men from inciting anything more.

  • We Love Green

    Last weekend Mélanie and I scored press passes to cover We Love Green, a eco-focused music festival in Paris. The first day of the festival was a bit of a fiasco, with long lines everywhere and a general lack of confidence on the part of organizers. Day two went better, organizers fixed some of the errors of the previous day, but the improvements seemed more to do with lower attendance and a more energetic line-up. Musically the two biggest surprises came on the second day; the first being the UK group Jungle whose heavily funk-influenced sound put everyone in a dancing mood, the second was Lorde who won over even the most ardent hipster skeptic with a great performance (and a cover of The Replacements). In the end We Love Green left me conflicted. Although there were great shows in the festival, the organizational issues of the first day largely distracted me from everything else.

    To read Mélanie's article and see the original, check out Beware.

    London Grammar.

    London Grammar.




  • Paris Courts Devant

    Last month I photographed the short film festival Paris Courts Devant. The festival, taking place November 5-10th, was a celebration of short films, French and international, featuring a wide range of work from the hilarious to the heart breaking. The festival took place over the course of a week in a few small cinemas in Paris' 17th arrondissement featuring the work of student dirrectors, up and coming talent and established realisateurs. Despite dealing with some difficult light it was a great week.

  • Paris Courts Devant - at night

    A couple weeks ago I spent a Saturday evening making pictures of an outdoor screening by Paris Courts Devant, a short film festival held in Paris this November. The outdoor screening was of some of the organizers' favorite short films from the previous year's festival. The films ran from the outlandishly funny to the heartbreakingly depressing, bringing together a wide variety of Parisians from the neighborhood and elsewhere in the city.

    For the shoot I did long exposures to get as much as the crowd in focus meaning I did a lot of shots. The funny films were the hardest to shoot with people throwing their heads wildly in laughter. 

  • Manifestation: Anti-Austerity

    Last Sunday (May 5th) there was an anti-austerity manifestation in Paris. Marching from Bastille to Nation, the peaceful and relaxed protest strolled down the streets until arriving Place de la Nation where many people stopped to relax in the grass...or on the statue. As usual I was there to make a few pictures.