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                                              Bouillon Chartier, December 7th, today.

    Recently in my photography, I have been obsessed with making vertical photos. I’ve enjoyed using the longer frame to compose my images in a different way. I have also been very interested in using film emulating software in my post production work. Both of these techniques are styles past-Will would have not been interested in. I used to view photography as a preferably horizontal medium and post production tricks as cheating. Growing has never felt so good or been so much fun! You always have to reevaluate your past beliefs and often times you will find something new and interesting to pursue.

                                          Mélanie & Floriane at a picnic in October.

                                          Product shot for Rosa Lisa. It's good wine.

                                          Volunteering for Paris Courts Devant short film festival, 2014.

                                Tom Lounsbury, this sumer in the US.

                                          Cimetiere de Montmartre, from a working project.

                                          Hilary Lehman, from an engagement shoot.

                                          The kitchen of Christine & Patrick Relaut.