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  • Beware Magazine - Kishi Bashi

    Back on April 17th I had the wonderful good luck to make a video of Kishi Bashi while he was in Paris doing press for his new album Lighght. I had never made a video like this before so the week leading up to it was a whirlwind of finding a location, finding gear and making sure I knew what the hell it was I was doing. 

    We shot the video along the Petite Ceinture, an abandon train line which circles the city. I chose the location thanks to a suggestion from Mélanie and a picture made by my friend Alexander. With everything prepared we shot the video in less than 20 minutes where Kishi Bashi performed 3 songs; Bittersweet Genesis for Him and Her, Antichrist and Q&A.

    Post production was a whirlwind of frantic meetings with friends and endless tutorial videos on youtube (Warp Stabilization is both my hero and enemy), but in the end, I think it all turned out pretty good.

    Many thanks to the many people who helped make this happen! Antoine Schutz and Erwan Manchec of Beware Magazine, Julia Dousse of Stage of the Art, Karl Hofstetter of Joyful Noise and my sound team, Alexander J.E. Bradley and Mélanie Relaut.

    Also check out the actual article on Beware's page, here. Not only is the video there, but some wonderful text written by Mélanie! (sorry, but it's just in French).