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  • Flesh for

    The one thing I miss the most from home is barbecue and I have finally found my salvation in Paris, Flesh. Bringing their own unique style of slow cooked meat to Paris, chef Simon Lewis and his partner David Vidal gives customers a stellar menu of staples like brisket, ribs and pulled pork. teaching the city the pleasures of slow cooking, American style.

    25 Rue de Douai
    75009 Paris


  • A new home for my blog.

    A new home for my blog.

    After several years with wordpress I think it's time that I abandon the old things and jump into the new. From now on this will be the home of my blog (however you can still find my old one at and to celebrate it, I'm posting this picture from a couple weeks ago. Just after we arrived home from a weekend at Mélanie's hometown we were greeted to a break in the rain and the arrival of the sun.