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    Last weekend Mélanie and I scored press passes to cover We Love Green, a eco-focused music festival in Paris. The first day of the festival was a bit of a fiasco, with long lines everywhere and a general lack of confidence on the part of organizers. Day two went better, organizers fixed some of the errors of the previous day, but the improvements seemed more to do with lower attendance and a more energetic line-up. Musically the two biggest surprises came on the second day; the first being the UK group Jungle whose heavily funk-influenced sound put everyone in a dancing mood, the second was Lorde who won over even the most ardent hipster skeptic with a great performance (and a cover of The Replacements). In the end We Love Green left me conflicted. Although there were great shows in the festival, the organizational issues of the first day largely distracted me from everything else.

    To read Mélanie's article and see the original, check out Beware.

    London Grammar.

    London Grammar.