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  • Paris Courts Devant

    Way back in November of last year I made photos again for the short film festival, Paris Courts Devant. I didn't have as much time to give them as I had the previous year but it was fun to again run around making images for this great group of people. I was doing some organization on my computer when I realized these images had never seen the light of day.

  • Paris Courts Devant - at night

    A couple weeks ago I spent a Saturday evening making pictures of an outdoor screening by Paris Courts Devant, a short film festival held in Paris this November. The outdoor screening was of some of the organizers' favorite short films from the previous year's festival. The films ran from the outlandishly funny to the heartbreakingly depressing, bringing together a wide variety of Parisians from the neighborhood and elsewhere in the city.

    For the shoot I did long exposures to get as much as the crowd in focus meaning I did a lot of shots. The funny films were the hardest to shoot with people throwing their heads wildly in laughter.