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  • Pro-Palestine Manifestation

    A pro-Palestinian march took place in Paris a couple days ago. Marches or demonstrations are occurring every few days right now and I wanted to go photograph one of these manifestations. They are protesting the Israeli government's current strikes in Gaza. The atmosphere is a strange mixture of anger at the conflict and joy of the community. This manifestation was peaceful and friendly, however in the past there have been aggression between police and a handful of protesters.

    The other side of a manifestation. During demonstrations like this it is pretty common to see a large police presence on the edges. Although the riot gear they sport looks incredibly intimidating (and shocked me the first time I saw it), usually they are just there to make sure the protest doesn't leave its route and prevent anything from happening. However the previous (unapproved) demonstration led to conflicts with the police, rocks being thrown and tear gas fired in return. This time was very peaceful. There was one near-incident where a small group of about 20 young men were yelling at the police, however organizers and other attendants maintained the peace and stopped the men from inciting anything more.